THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HIDDEN TOOTH : What you need to know about wisdom tooth surgery

Do you know of any significance with the number thirty-two? In dental care, thirty-two is an all-important number. That is the number of teeth most adults have. For a dentist, there is strength in numbers especially when you have a complete set of teeth.

With every tooth in place, you can eat and drink properly...

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A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN / Home Loans in Malaysia

One of the momentous decisions you’ll ever make in your lifetime is buying a house. The pressure build-up is intense, especially for first-time buyers. Typically, the decision to purchase comes when you are in a stable financial position to apply for a mortgage loan with a bank.

Sometimes the time is ripe to shift f...

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Get a Cellulite Treatment in Singapore for a Supple and Glowing Skin

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The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, which affects our fashion sense immensely. You can’t go out wearing long sleeves and coveralls; else you’d look weird. Your outfit must consist of light and airy material, sometimes baring your arms and showing off your legs. This is what looks fashionable in Singapore...

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The Best Gas Analyzer Tools For Restaurants And Other Food Establishments

Kitchens in restaurants can become dangerous if the accumulated gasses reach toxic levels. The cramped gasses can be poisonous, or worse; cause an explosion. To ensure that these things don’t happen, you need to do two important things. One, you should install an exhaust or ventilation hood in your kitchen...

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What are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do You Need to Take Them Out

Related imageThe removal of wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, is among the most common procedures carried out in Singapore. Wisdom teeth are the 3rd, and final set of molars people grow in their late teens or early twenties...

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FINDING BEAUTY – The Top 5 Beauty Treatments in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to visit. This advanced Asian country approximates developed countries in more ways than one. The cultural diversity lives up to international standards. But what sets the local populace apart is the standard by which beauty is adjudged.

The beauty industry is flourishi...

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Look beyond the good ol’ white wedding gown

To go or not to go traditional

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Choosing the perfect wedding gown can be daunting, especially when you have so many designs to choose from. Very often, soon-to-be-married folks are faced with this, whether to go for a traditional attire or a modern design. White is perfect, beautiful and so classic...

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5 Reasons YiShun is Your Next Home

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Condo prices in Singapore are sky high. With the influx of expatriates coming to Singapore to work and the growing population of the Lion City, real estate rentals and condo prices have been escalating. Singapore remains one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and is a great place to start a career and life...

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4 Effective Ways Website Owners Can Use To Retrieve Lost Data After Deletion

Can you retrieve lost website data after deletion? This is a burning question that bugs many website owners around Singapore all the time. Many times loss of data may occur due to a server crash, hard drive failure, and security breaches that make sites vulnerable to hackers...

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How Factories Deal With Overheating Machines & Equipment

Overheating is a very common problem in the food industry. Factories that manufacture and process food often deal with machines and equipment breaking down because of the excess heat. Additionally, it’s not only the machines that suffer the consequences...

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