4 Practical Tips on Using Google Apps For Business

In managing an online business, there are various IT-related responsibilities that you must attend to. It can be difficult to perform these duties efficiently if you don’t have a streamlined routine in place. If you are using online services from several different companies, you are going to waste a lot of time and resources. What if a single company can provide all of these services? That’s what Google Apps is all about. It has all the tools and services you need to run, manage, and grow your online business.

Using Google Apps for business is beneficial for the simple reason that the online solutions you require are being provided by a single company (Google). All these services are connected to each other, but they never overlap. If you are new to Google Apps, below are some of the most important tasks that you can do with the service:

  1. Use Google Drive to store and share business documents and other files

Google has revolutionized data collaboration and file sharing with Drive. You can create a document then invite people to either edit it or contribute to it.

  1. Use Google Hangouts to set up streaming conferences and live chats with your employees and partners

You can set up live meetings with your staff or customers wherever they are in the world. Hangouts allows you to talk and interact with people in real time.

  1. Use Google Keep to take notes and set reminders

Not many people know of this service, but it’s very useful in digitally managing notes, ideas, and reminders. You can use text, lists, images, and even audio in creating these notes and reminders.

  1. Use Gmail for all your email correspondence

There are dozens of email providers out there, but none of them can beat the features and functions that come with Gmail. Gmail is also much harder to hack, so you are assured of the security of the information that you send or receive using the platform.

What separates Google Apps from the competitors is that the company managed to roll several important features and functions in a single package. You only need a single account to run all of the services in the package. Furthermore, you always have the option to either upgrade or downgrade your account if necessary. The services are also very easy to use which means you don’t have to be technically savvy to use them.


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