Bone Doctors: Chiropractor, Orthopedic Surgeon or Osteopath?

I recently fractured my wrist and had to work with a bone doctor for treatment. Interestingly enough I was unsure what type of doctor I was seeing. Before my injury, I had no idea that there were different types of bone doctors and specialists who could help with my recovery and treatment. It is good to know what type of bone doctor you may need in order to receive the proper type of help with your ailment or injury.

Chiropractors are doctors who try to improve your health by ensuring your skeletal structure is in complete alignment. If it is not, they attempt to maneuver your bones back into alignment. Many of them are trained in massage therapy which they utilize to loosen muscle tension and allow your bones to realign, as opposed to being pulled out of alignment by tense muscles or tendons. Oftentimes, chiropractors focus a lot of their time on spinal issues and spinal realignment since this is a major complaint among patients.

Chiropractic treats variety of sickness including back pain, headaches, sleep disorder and more.

Chiropractic treats variety of sickness including back pain, headaches, sleep disorder and more.

Orthopedic surgeons handle a variety of bone issues, and are most often sought after to treat bone injuries. Although they are not rheumatologists, they can treat arthritis issues. In addition, these doctors can treat other issues like, breaks, fractures, scoliosis, and dislocations. The doctor who worked on my wrist was an orthopedic surgeon, he placed a pin inside my wrist to help support and improve the healing process. This is one of the many interesting methods used to treat patients.

Osteopaths, or doctors of osteopathic medicine, are doctors who maintain a holistic approach to medicine. This alternative method of healthcare allows the doctors to look at, and treat the whole person including the musculoskeletal system in relation to the other parts of the body. They are fully licensed physicians who can prescribe medicine and perform surgeries if needed. However, many osteopaths prefer to conduct “hands-on” treatment which includes massage and manipulation of joints in order to support bone health and recovery. Bone Doctors Claim Your Joint Pains Could Be Linked to These 6 Daily Habits.

Knowing the type of doctor your ailment or injury needs can help save valuable time, money and resources. The type of treatment you will receive will vary according to the specialty of the doctor. Understanding the doctor’s specialty will help in understanding your treatment and the expectations involved in the recovery.

Regular exercise keeps your bones healthy and strong throughout your life. Here are some easy exercises that are especially good for maintaining bone mass.


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