Careers in the Medical Aesthetics Field

There are a number of new career opportunities for people in the field of medicine. The growing popularity among both men and women to have cosmetic procedures performed has led to the increase of clinics where these procedures can be done. The people who are employed at these clinics are those who have received training in the various techniques and procedures offered there. An aesthetic doctor is someone who has been trained as a medical doctor and who has taken the additional courses for the procedures they use for cosmetic improvements.

The courses offered for training in dermal injections and muscle relaxers are often given to people who already have degrees in medicine. A medical doctor can enhance their skills by taking these courses. Registered and licensed practical nurses can also receive training for medical aesthetics. The training includes the proper handling of needles and the substances used for the injections. Training will also include the side effects associated with different types of solutions used for cosmetic injections. The professionals who are trained to give these injections can be employed at a regular medical clinic, a medical spa or hire themselves out for personal practice.

An aesthetic clinic can also employ people trained in facial procedures. These technicians do not always need to have medical training in order to take the courses available. The technicians who perform dermabrasion using standard microabrasion tools will often be people without medical backgrounds. The risk involved in this procedure is minimal so the practice does not require the technician to possess any special medical skills. If the procedure is performed using lasers, a medical background is required.

In addition to the technicians trained to perform dermabrasion, there are also trained technicians who can give people chemical peels. These peels are used for aesthetic purposes because they create a younger smoother surface for the skin. A chemical peel is a solution applied to the surface of the skin which gradually dissolves the top layer. The chemical is a type of acid which can burn the skin if used improperly. Even though the solutions for chemical peels can be purchased for in-home use, it is better to seek the skills of a professional to avoid causing damage to the skin. Trained technicians can work in medical spas, aesthetic clinics, day spas or beauty salons. There are also facials which can be given by beauty technicians which do not require any special form of training.

An aesthetic doctor employed in a medical spa can also be trained to perform minimally invasive procedures. Liposuction is often offered at these aesthetic spas as is surgery. Medical spas usually offer a variety of cosmetic procedures ranging from tummy tucks to face lifts and breast implants. The doctors who perform these surgeries will need to specialized in the area of plastic or cosmetic surgery. In addition to the medical based careers in these clinics, there are also careers for general office help. People with training in medical billing or accounting can be employed as an office worker.

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