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Glaucoma – A Brief Overview

Although there are many debilitating diseases that can complicate an individual’s ability to lead a healthy and productive life, glaucoma can be a particularly difficult condition to grapple with. In short, glaucoma is a disease marked by increased pressure within one’s eyeball...

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Protect Vision with Yearly Eye Exams

It is imperative that he or she visits their eye clinic at least yearly for a thorough eye exam by their eye doctor. If one is having a simple problem with their eyes such as red eyes, dry eyes, or sore eyes, it may seem insignificant, but play it safe and let the eye doctor decide...

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Open the Windows to our Eyes

Myopia is a larger than normal eyeball and the light is reflected off in front of the eye instead of on the lens of the eye, making it difficult to see objects far away. Myopia control is very easy to correct no matter if eyes are nearsighted or farsighted...

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Eye Health – Myopia

Myopia, often times called short-sightedness or nearsightedness, is where light is incorrectly focused while entering the eye making objects at a distance seem blurred. This is a type of eye refractive error and causes trouble seeing far away. Objects seen up close are clear while distant objects are blurred.


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What to Do With Your Old Glasses After Lasik Surgery

One of the most common questions asked by patients following a Lasik surgery is, “What should I do with my old glasses?” While patents may eventually need mild reading glasses later in life after a Lasik surgery, they should have no need for the glasses they currently own...

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