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5 Jobs in Petaling Jaya to Begin Your Career

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Petaling Jaya has evolved from a mere satellite town of Kuala Lumpur into a bustling city in its own right. With an influx of residents coming to begin a new career, Petaling Jaya is also starting to grow into a centre of business and technology. Fresh grads and professionals can find interesting types of job vacancie...

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5 Office Tips to Remember If You’re Kicking It in Kuching

If you have been in Kuching as a tourist before, then you know how the city is. Rich in culture and heritage, the capital of Sarawak is a melting pot of different delights such as nature spots, museums, and city architecture.

However, it is entirely different if you are to look for jobs in Kuching...

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Take it to the Top: 5 Tips to Climb the Job Ladder

Although Petaling Jaya is one of Malaysia’s youngest towns, it finds its place in the major league. PJ, as locals call it, boasts a fast-growing industry and an equally competitive market. If one wishes to work in a city as quick-paced as this, then he must be able to achieve a balance between skill and mindset...

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6 Important Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Professionals

What exactly are Quality Assurance Professionals (QAPs) and what do they really do? The term and its job description vary from different fields and companies. However, the most basic description is that QAPs make sure that a certain product from a company is apt for use in terms of efficiency, safety, and most of all, ...

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Mapping Out a Media Planning Career – 6 Basic Skills Needed to Land The Job

Marketing is a major function of businesses these days, mainly because of the fact that sales are driven by consumer-brand relationships. But with so many different avenues available as marketing platforms, it has become something of a challenge for business owners and even marketing specialists to pinpoint which metho...

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6 Effective Ways to Staying Calm When Dealing with Difficult Customers

When you’re working in customer service jobs, you are bound to come across a displeased or angry client at one point or another. Many times their complaints are legitimate. But there are a few times when customers can be unreasonable and  demanding...

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Love To Do Field Work? Top 5 Career Options That Make A Difference

As thousands of students graduate from universities every year, many wonder what are the top-ranked career fields to work in Malaysia.  Because many jobs experience stiff competition, picking the right occupation can save you from going through a dramatic disappointment when job searching...

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Want to Avoid KL? Here Are 5 Nearby Townships with Lots of Job Opportunities


Kuala Lumpur and its satellite towns are part of a larger area called the Klang Valley. Although KL is a great place to work, there are other places which you can also consider. These alternative Klang Valley locations are great for starting your career, or continuing to greater heights.

These satellite towns are ...

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Malaysian Job Guide: Best Paying Jobs


Today, Asian countries have emerged as some of the fastest growing economies across the globe. The massive urbanization and modernization happening in many countries especially in Southeast Asia have led to success not only in their economies but also in the quality of life of their constituents.

Malaysia, for one...

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