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The 3 Most Relaxing Massage Treatments to Try

A trip to Bangkok, Thailand is truly a sensual experience. Tourists are treated to sights, sounds, colors, and flavors beyond imagination. Thailand is a gem in Asia that boasts beautiful beaches, a colorful nightlife, great shopping, impressive culture and the best spicy food!


If you’re after relaxation and pampering ...

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What to do on a Couples Getaway in Bangkok


Bangkok is not just a perfect vacation destination; it is also a sought-after romantic hub for couples who wish to make new memories together. There are a lot of options to begin with. If you’re one of those searching for the best romantic experience in Bangkok, here is a what-to-do list to satisfy your craving soul...

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For The Love of Romance Books

Reading romance books is a great pastime of many people, especially girls and women. Many people believe that only women read books with love and romance as a main part of the plot, but males sometimes read these types of books as well. There are many reasons why reading romances are enjoyable to some people...

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Our List of Interesting Attractions in Melaka, Malaysia

A vibrant city filled with museums, marketplaces, temples, mosques, churches, and other historic sites, Melaka provides the perfect backdrop for those seeking fun and adventure...

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How To Rent A Car In Singapore: The Basic Requirements

A vacation or stint working in Singapore can be a fun and exciting adventure. If you don’t want to get stuck constantly looking at public transportation schedules or hiring taxis to get you where you want to go, you can always choose to rent a car in Singapore...

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Qualities of a Good Taxi Driver

Many world travelers have been in the unfortunate position of being stuck in a taxi or maxi cab with a bad driver...

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Best Dive Sites In Malaysia: Mabul Island

Mabul diving sites offer so much for the diving enthusiast to see. It is the most densely populated area of small, exotic fish and other marine life in the world. Mabul is thought to be home to the term “muck-diving...

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Items You Can Buy from Online Supermarkets

There are many online merchant where people can by a variety of products. Among some of the latest merchants to offer products to online shoppers are those who have online grocery stores...

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Limo Rentals for the Discerning Traveler

Driving a limousine is definitely a great way if one wants to get around and travel. It is known for its class, elegance and service, the limousine rentals could be pricey but yet worth every penny that you may spend on them...

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Zynga Online Poker: Direction of Online Gambling?

Online Poker

The biggest online poker environment isn’t PokerStars or PartyPoker like most people would think. It’s actually a free, social version of online Poker called Zynga Online Poker. You can play this game on Facebook and Google+, as well as on mobile Apple and Android devices...

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