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Zynga Online Poker: Direction of Online Gambling?

Online Poker

The biggest online poker environment isn’t PokerStars or PartyPoker like most people would think. It’s actually a free, social version of online Poker called Zynga Online Poker. You can play this game on Facebook and Google+, as well as on mobile Apple and Android devices...

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The Gambler Psyche from a Malaysian Point of View

In Malaysia, we regularly read about people in gambling debts, harassed by loan sharks and even those who attempted suicide because of gambling.

To better understand the behavior of a gambler, one must first know the different categories of gamblers...

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Gambling Legally in Thailand

The decision of whether or not to legalize gambling has been a hot political topic for several years in Thailand because many people believe that it could boost the economy and taxable revenue, especially in the form of increased tourism...

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