Dedicated Servers versus Shared Web Hosting Services: Which Is Better?

Your web hosting provider can be your website’s best friend or enemy, deepening on the level of responsiveness and service that you get. For many people, choose a hosting provider or plan usually comes down to the simple decision of whether to go with a shared or dedicated web hosting plan. Unfortunately, the decision is never as simple as it may appear. So, before you contact the sales department or the support team of any hosting provider, it is important to understand a few facts and differences between the two hosting plans.

What Is A Shared Or Dedicated Server Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is basically when multiple sites are hosted on a single primary server. This implies that if you choose this type of hosting, your website will be hosted with other websites (that have signed for hosting contracts with the same hosting provider) on one server. Again, this means that you will share resources (such as database, FTP accounts, email accounts, space, and bandwidth) on the server with other websites.

On the other hand, in a dedicated server web hosting plan is where your server is not shared with other websites. You website is the one on the server given by your provider and you will have the fun of enjoying all the server’s resources.

To provide you with a better idea of the type of hosting plan that is most suitable for your company or business, here is an overview of the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Shared Hosting

• It is cost effective as the resources of the server are shared giving the provider an opportunity to cut operational costs.
• All technical issues are taken care of by the hosting provider providing you with ample time to focus on other issues of running your business
• Can have multiple databases
• Most providers offer PHP and MySQL support
• Email goes to your domain name

Cons Of Shared Web Hosting

•Limited security features due to multiple users
•You cannot utilise other software programmes other than the ones supported by the hosting company
•The sever can be overloaded resulting into freezing up of your website
•Poor customer service meaning you may sometimes do the troubleshooting yourself
•Your website’s speed can be affected if you have a lot of data due to many websites using one server

Pros Of Dedicated Hosting Servers

•Faster website speed and upload time
•More data storage options
•You have total control of your website
•More security and less hacking possibilities
•Hands-on customer services because you will be paying more
•A control panel with more features presenting you with greater and easier control
•Provides you with an opportunity to run software programmes of your own choosing

Cons of a Dedicated Server

•Expensive than share servers
•There is need to administer the server hence prior programming knowledge will be required
•Troubleshooting and other diagnostics can be complex

Which Web Hosting Plan Is Better?

It is apparent that both web hosting plans have their strengths and weakness. Choosing the type of hosting plan exclusively depends on your company’s needs and budget.


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