Gambling Legally in Thailand

The decision of whether or not to legalize gambling has been a hot political topic for several years in Thailand because many people believe that it could boost the economy and taxable revenue, especially in the form of increased tourism. Those who oppose gambling claim that introducing legalized gambling and casinos will bring an increase in crime and gambling addiction. Many illegal gambling operations already exist in Thailand that include betting on various types of fights and sporting events. Although most forms of gambling are still illegal in Thailand, there are several outlets for tourists and locals alike looking to partake in legal gambling.

The advent of the online casino has allowed many people living in Thailand to experience the thrill of gambling while still abiding by the law. The majority of games people can play through online casinos are similar to popular slot machines found in major casinos. They offer gamblers a quick thrill, but most of these games are just for fun. Online poker is another popular gambling outlet, and players can make real bets.

For those without access to the internet, or for anyone looking for other gambling opportunities, the state runs a lottery that is drawn twice a month. Additionally, although most types of sports betting is illegal and run by underground operations, there is one place in Thailand where gamblers can make legal bets on a certain type of sporting event: horse racing. The Royal Turf Club in Bangkok holds horse races that can be legally bet upon.

Since there are so many illegal gambling operations in Thailand, it’s always good for tourists to familiarize themselves with what is illegal. There are no legal casinos in Thailand, although several legal casinos exist in neighboring regions where gambling is legal, including Macau and Singapore. Football gambling is a huge business in Thailand, but visitors should be warned that it is strictly prohibited. It is also very important to realize that there are many illegal lotteries in Thailand, so people need to double-check that they are buying official state-run lottery tickets.

Although there are very few legal gambling opportunities in Thailand, it is possible to find exciting gambling outlets without breaking the law. From online casinos to betting on the horse races at the Royal Turf Club, tourists and locals alike can find great ways to gamble legally.


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