Highlight Specific Facial Features with The Right Techniques

Makeup is used for a few different purposes, such as hiding flaws or highlighting natural beauty. By learning a few tips and tricks, it is easier to bring out natural beauty and draw attention to personal features. With the help of Edward Bess makeup tools, it is possible to get a sleek and sophisticated look.

Use a Concealer Brush to Cover Flaws
Highlighting natural beauty starts with hiding the flaws that draw attention away from the eyes or lips. Covering up pimples, large pores or scars with concealer will help hide the problem areas and allow other makeup to highlight the best features of the face.

The easiest way to get a sleek makeup look while hiding flaws is with a concealer brush. Apply concealer to the area with a brush using a fast motion. Quick speckles of makeup will hide the flaws and get into the crevices of pores and scars without leaving behind an odd look.

After applying the concealer to the problem area, use a powder on the whole face to set the concealer and provide an even look.

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Apply Colored Eyeliner
Bringing out the eyes requires a little highlighting, but black liner is no longer the color of choice. The problem with black eyeliner is the impact on the shape. Black liner can narrow the shape of the eyes and make the eyes look smaller, which is not the preferred look when the eyes are already naturally small.

Making the eyes look larger starts with selecting the right color for eyeliner. Colored liner, such as blue or purple, will still highlight the shape of the eyes. The difference is the impact on the appearance of size. Colored eyeliner will make the eyes look bigger when combined with a little white eye shadow at the corner of the eyes.

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For a look that does not involve bright or distracting colors, opt for slate eyeliner instead. Slate eyeliner has a little hint of color, but is close enough to black to provide a professional look. If slate eyeliner is not available in local stores, then look for the makeup online. The Internet provides the opportunity to find colors and options that are not readily available in local stores.

Getting a great look does not require complicated tricks. A few simple changes will help hide flaws, highlight the eyes and pull out natural beauty. The key is finding the right colors and using the right tools to get a sleek finish.


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