How to Make Your Own Tissue Paper Flowers

Today, many people are searching for less expensive ways to decorate. Although there are many party supply stores, home accessory shops, and crafting stores that sell inexpensive decorative pieces, shopping for these items can be stressful and expensive. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make different decorations at home with inexpensive materials that most people already have on hand. Doing so can enable events, parties, and other events to look amazing, colorful, and very festive but only at a much more affordable price.

Many people are choosing to make large flowers out of tissue paper. These flowers can be hung up in bedrooms for decoration all year or used as decorative pieces for birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, or other celebrations. To get started making your own tissue paper flowers, you will need a few packs of multi-colored tissue papers.


Tissue Paper Flower


First, you will need to choose the tissue paper that you want to use and then lay a few of them on top of each other. They should be placed flat on a counter or table. You should make sure there are a few pieces of paper on top of one another in a neat way, Make sure all the corners line up correctly and the papers are flat.

Next, you will need to fold the multi-colored tissue papers accordion style. You should use the table as a way of putting pressure down on the tissue creases. Each fold should be approximately 1 inch wide. It is imperative that the sheets of tissue paper are all kept together during this process.



Once you have the tissue paper folded in an accordion style, fold it in half. It is best to fold the accordion end to end and then use a wire to wrap around the middle part of the accordion at the crease. Make sure this wire is tied securely. You can then staple the crease above the wire for maximum security.



This wire will be used as the flower’s stem. You can trim the wire excess if you want a shorter stem. You can then open up the tissue paper by fanning it out. Starting at the top or bottom, gently expand the tissue to create a more full and blossoming flower. Play around with this process to create your desired look.


Once you have created one tissue flower paper, you can easily create a bunch. Many people will use multi-colored tissue papers for more colorful bouquets of flowers. These bouquets can be hung on walls or from ceilings. They can also be placed in actual vases or pots. Tissue papers flowers can easily make a large statement in a room at a very low price.



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