Hurdles of Muay Thai, or Thai Kickboxing

Muay thai are a growing fad among guys nowadays. A lot has joined the band wagon and like to learn the fighting techniques of thai boxing. Muay thai, when translated means thai boxing. It is an ancient fighting strategy of thai warriors in order to defend their territories. It was considered to be a very vicious and violent fighting technique but somehow also considered spiritual.

Muay thai classes of course would not promote its violent aspect, instead it now establishes it to be the opposite. Muay Thai is now considered as a discipline, like any contact sport. This type of sport originally was demonstrated by fighters who fists are not protected by any form of fabric. Nowadays, the tightly clenched fists of the warriors are guarded by firmly wrapped cloth in order to avoid damaging tissues and bones of the hands.

This type of boxing can be closely compared with the accepted and more usual boxing and also the more daring kick boxing. But when a person takes a muay thai classes, he can immediately set apart this sport from all others. The typical boxing we normally watch in Las Vegas only makes use of the hands, through punches, and the more daring kick boxing additionally employs the legs, for kicking in addition to punching. Muay Thai has been described to use the ability to make use of a person’s eight limbs when engaged in a fight. Muay Thai is admittedly a dangerous sport to some extent as it requires full contact from the players. This is why strict rules are rigidly implemented so as to minimize the instances of injuries, which will most likely cause by accidents, and to some extreme cases, even death.

Muay thai classes teaches sport enthusiasts the basics of this particular fight, but at the same time it instills and seeks to really inculcate among them respect for human life, that not because one is equipped with the power to overcome an opponent, no matter how evil he may think that enemy is, crushing him and beating him to death with the use of thai boxing is ever an option. Peter Parker correctly declares it, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

At best, Muay thai gives its devotees an adrenaline rush while playing the sport with a worthy opponent. It not only tests his body, but mostly his mind. It gives the person a sense of self worth not because he considers himself powerful but because he knows how to discipline himself considering the weight of the importance of the sport that he has mastered. He now has somewhat a trust that he will be able to surmount any kind of obstacle which comes his way, not only in relation to the sport of Muay Thai, but most importantly those hurdles that life may bring.


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