5 Shocking Things That Happen to Expired Supermarket Items (#4 is Scandalous!)

When it comes to food, everyone wants to get the best quality. This is why expiration dates are a necessity especially for products that are consumable. Most supermarkets typically monitor the quality of the food they are selling. They make sure that their products are safe for consumption by using refrigeration systems that work well to extend the life expectancy of products, particularly of meats, poultry, and fish. To make sure the optimum performance of their refrigeration systems, calibration services in Malaysia are employed.

However, not all food items that hit its expiration date is thrown away. Here are five shocking things that happen to products that are about to expire or are already expired:

  1. Put on Sale. Some products that are about to be expired are put on quick sale such as buy-one-take-one deals or huge discounts. This allows the supermarket to get rid of items that are almost expired while still getting some money back. Once it hits the expiration date though, it disappears from the racks.
  2. Sold at Salad Bars for Cheap. There are no clear expiration dates on fruits and vegetables. We only take one look or feel for the produce, and if it doesn’t look or feel right, we assume it is no longer fit to eat. But have you ever noticed a banana turn brown or a lettuce get dry and grey in the racks? Probably not, because once supermarket staff sees them, they get it and instead use it for their salad bar. That way, no produce is thrown away. They help you maintain that healthy diet while cutting their losses at the same time. Pretty smart, right?
  3. Donated. This is done especially for canned goods, since some canned products are still consumable even after the expiration date because of the amount of preservatives placed in them. The government regulates such donations though, to make sure that only the ones safe for consumption are distributed for free.
  4. Changed Expiration Dates. Some items only have sticker labels for expiration dates, such as bakery products and some dry goods. There are supermarkets that would be dodgy and replace the old expiration stickers with a new one and with a new expiration date, therefore extending their “life” on the shelf.
  5. Repackaged. Meats, poultry, and baked goods are sometimes repackaged and placed with new expiration dates. For instance, a cake can be sliced and placed in separate containers with new labels. Meats that have already turned brown are dipped in blood to make it look fresher and then repacked.

Of course, there are supermarkets that uphold the integrity of their business by properly disposing of unsold expired items. But if you are not sure of your supermarket, it would be best to double-check the item you are buying, it might already be expired! Don’t just look at the dates printed on the label; check the product itself if it shows signs of molds, especially with baked goods. When purchasing meats, it would be best to choose ones that are not pre-packed to avoid getting recycled ones. Be vigilant on your next shopping trip to make sure you get the best quality of what you are purchasing.