FINDING BEAUTY – The Top 5 Beauty Treatments in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to visit. This advanced Asian country approximates developed countries in more ways than one. The cultural diversity lives up to international standards. But what sets the local populace apart is the standard by which beauty is adjudged.

The beauty industry is flourishing with hordes of customers looking for all sorts of treatment that can enhance beauty and appeal. You can visit a reputable Singapore aesthetic centre too and choose from the many cosmetic treatments available.


The issue is not vanity, but it can’t be denied that Singaporeans are beauty-crazed.

Here are the top 5 beauty treatments if you want to know what’s popular.

  1. SPA treatment

Patrons frequent SPAs to be relieved of daily tensions and physical anxieties. Smooth massages, body scrub, and polishes using essential oils are believed to be helpful in restoring lost luster of the skin caused by pressure, mental stress and exposure to harsh environments.

  1. Anti-aging treatment

Women and men panic at the sight of unwanted creases in the face, neck and wherever that makes you look old. Filler injections are popular cosmetic treatments which are used to remove wrinkles, augment lips and highlight facial contours

  1. Weight loss treatment

If you are conscious about your weight and figure, there are treatments dedicated to weight loss and body slimming. The methods do not involve dieting or diet pills nor make use of supplements for weight loss.

  1. Hair & scalp treatment

It’s a head-to-toe affair when personal appearance is at stake. Hair and scalp treatments are offered for your hair problems like graying, balding and total hair loss.

  1. Cosmetic dentistry

People here may not be the smiling types, but they are conscious about their smiles. You can avail of a full range of services to achieve healthy and attractive teeth.

Indeed the beauty culture of the nation is one of a kind on the planet. It would be difficult to describe a Singaporean beauty because of the cultural mix. But one thing is certain, women (and men) aim for perfection. Looking flawless and picture-perfect is a lifestyle for both genders. The maxim age before beauty applies in reverse.