Look beyond the good ol’ white wedding gown

To go or not to go traditional

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Choosing the perfect wedding gown can be daunting, especially when you have so many designs to choose from. Very often, soon-to-be-married folks are faced with this, whether to go for a traditional attire or a modern design. White is perfect, beautiful and so classic...

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5 Reasons YiShun is Your Next Home

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Condo prices in Singapore are sky high. With the influx of expatriates coming to Singapore to work and the growing population of the Lion City, real estate rentals and condo prices have been escalating. Singapore remains one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and is a great place to start a career and life...

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4 Effective Ways Website Owners Can Use To Retrieve Lost Data After Deletion

Can you retrieve lost website data after deletion? This is a burning question that bugs many website owners around Singapore all the time. Many times loss of data may occur due to a server crash, hard drive failure, and security breaches that make sites vulnerable to hackers...

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How Factories Deal With Overheating Machines & Equipment

Overheating is a very common problem in the food industry. Factories that manufacture and process food often deal with machines and equipment breaking down because of the excess heat. Additionally, it’s not only the machines that suffer the consequences...

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5 Office Tips to Remember If You’re Kicking It in Kuching

If you have been in Kuching as a tourist before, then you know how the city is. Rich in culture and heritage, the capital of Sarawak is a melting pot of different delights such as nature spots, museums, and city architecture.

However, it is entirely different if you are to look for jobs in Kuching...

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Take it to the Top: 5 Tips to Climb the Job Ladder

Although Petaling Jaya is one of Malaysia’s youngest towns, it finds its place in the major league. PJ, as locals call it, boasts a fast-growing industry and an equally competitive market. If one wishes to work in a city as quick-paced as this, then he must be able to achieve a balance between skill and mindset...

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Everything You Should Know About Getting A Dedicated Server In Malaysia

Upgrading your IT infrastructure to a dedicated server is something you should consider if you want to get your hands on premium features and functions. Fortunately, there are several Malaysian dedicated servers that you can choose from...

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5 Strategies On How To Pursue A Healthier Lifestyle Even With A Very Busy Schedule

In a burgeoning and chaotic urban center like Hong Kong, it’s often too easy for people to take their health for granted as they focus their attention on their jobs or studies. Because of their very busy schedules, their health stagnate thus making them more susceptible to weight gain and illnesses...

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5 Shocking Things That Happen to Expired Supermarket Items (#4 is Scandalous!)

When it comes to food, everyone wants to get the best quality. This is why expiration dates are a necessity especially for products that are consumable. Most supermarkets typically monitor the quality of the food they are selling...

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6 Important Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Professionals

What exactly are Quality Assurance Professionals (QAPs) and what do they really do? The term and its job description vary from different fields and companies. However, the most basic description is that QAPs make sure that a certain product from a company is apt for use in terms of efficiency, safety, and most of all, ...

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