The 3 Most Relaxing Massage Treatments to Try

A trip to Bangkok, Thailand is truly a sensual experience. Tourists are treated to sights, sounds, colors, and flavors beyond imagination. Thailand is a gem in Asia that boasts beautiful beaches, a colorful nightlife, great shopping, impressive culture and the best spicy food!


If you’re after relaxation and pampering ...

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You When You First Dabble in Forex


Forex, or the foreign exchange market, is an asset trading market where you can trade currencies and make a profit. Much like the stock markets, Forex is your chance to generate a side income using your currency as assets. In the Forex markets, profit is generated from the differences between currency pairs.

In the pa...

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Reducing High Turnovers: How to Encourage Employees to Stay?


High turnover rate and lack of engagement among employees can negatively affect a company’s overall performance. The company might suffer on excessive expenses on hiring and training new staff, a drastic drop on the productivity level, and the further deterioration of the quality of services being offered...

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What to do on a Couples Getaway in Bangkok


Bangkok is not just a perfect vacation destination; it is also a sought-after romantic hub for couples who wish to make new memories together. There are a lot of options to begin with. If you’re one of those searching for the best romantic experience in Bangkok, here is a what-to-do list to satisfy your craving soul...

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Why The HR Department is Responsible for Bad Apples in Your Company


The HR or Human Resources department is a very important part of any company. Before you even hire your employees, they will be the first team you have to complete. The first major responsibility of the HR department is to recruit employees for your company...

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Want to Avoid KL? Here Are 5 Nearby Townships with Lots of Job Opportunities


Kuala Lumpur and its satellite towns are part of a larger area called the Klang Valley. Although KL is a great place to work, there are other places which you can also consider. These alternative Klang Valley locations are great for starting your career, or continuing to greater heights.

These satellite towns are ...

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Malaysian Job Guide: Best Paying Jobs


Today, Asian countries have emerged as some of the fastest growing economies across the globe. The massive urbanization and modernization happening in many countries especially in Southeast Asia have led to success not only in their economies but also in the quality of life of their constituents.

Malaysia, for one...

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Taking the Leap Into Singapore’s Real Estate Market


Singapore’s real estate market is a jungle, filled with commission-hungry brokers and property variations from one tree to the next...

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Startup Success – What is the Secret Sauce?


Who doesn’t want to work as their own boss? If people had their way, majority would surely want to transition from the dull, unrewarding, and potential-capping day jobs they hold into the exciting, fast-paced, and high growth potential world of startups...

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Top Up Your Favorite SEA Games in Style


Gift cards are the cool and hip present for your family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the product. Most think of an iTunes gift card, for example, as a less creative or effortless way of giving someone a birthday or Christmas present...

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