Love To Do Field Work? Top 5 Career Options That Make A Difference

As thousands of students graduate from universities every year, many wonder what are the top-ranked career fields to work in Malaysia.  Because many jobs experience stiff competition, picking the right occupation can save you from going through a dramatic disappointment when job searching. Thus why it’s important to choose a career field that’s continually growing, has good pay, low stress level, maximum job satisfaction and so on.

Here is a list of the top 5 career fields to consider when job searching.

#1 Technology Sector  Would you like to be among those working in the fast-growing tech field? Information technology is undoubtedly the #1 ranked field in jobs creation and growth around the world. This makes system engineers among the most in-demand and highly sought-after professionals nowadays. In fact, the system engineering career field is expected to grow 45% in the next decade. Software architects come next, with job growth expected to grow 34% each year. The sole purpose of software architect careers is to help analyze and store data. Entry-level and experienced IT analysts are also other career fields experiencing steady growth at about 30% annually.    Median Annual Salary:  •    System Engineers = $87,100  •    Software Architects =$119,000  •    IT analysts = $60,000-$82,600 (depending on level of experience)  Education and Training Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering

#2 Sales Jobs  Sales professions are central to any company’s growth, from financial service firms to software companies alike. Sales executives make sure staffs stay motivated and help companies accomplish revenue goals. They are also at the forefront in streamlining customer relations and placing workers in the best position to seal deals. Sometimes sales may seem like a high-stress occupation, but the job’s median monthly salary pays well. Sales directors and senior sales executives are the ones who receive high salaries.  Median Annual Salary:  •    Sales director = $109,875  •    Senior sales executives = $127,000  Education and Training Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing

#3 Consulting Jobs  Companies are seeking more efficient ways to save money on employee costs through outsourcing projects. In fact, this is among the top reasons why consultants are feared to be in high demand over the next decade. Companies benefit a lot because they don’t have to provide benefits or foot healthcare expenses for consultants. Otherwise, healthcare and management consultants will experience job growth of 24%, which makes it such a sweet deal for job seekers.  Median Annual Salary:  •    Management consultants = $87,413  •    Healthcare consultants = $84,535  Education and Training Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in finance or public health with particular expertise in finance, accounting or any other related business field

#4 Engineering Jobs  Many universities seem to lack students enrolling in science and math majors, and the engineering industry backs this evidence. Thus, companies have a difficult time looking for good engineers. Civil, project, environmental, and structural engineers will experience job growth between 24%-31% in the next decade. Similarly, biomedical engineers will experience job growth at a whopping 72%. Most engineering field careers are low stress with maximum job satisfaction.  Median Annual Salary  •    Civil Engineer = $74,578  •    Project Engineer = $77,419  •    Environmental Engineer = $73,321  •    Structural Engineer = $82,914  •    Biomedical Engineers $73,310  Education and Training Requirements: Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate of Science degree from an accredited institution

#5 Psychiatrist Jobs  A Psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the treatment and prevention of mental health and emotional problems. Psychiatrists acquire extensive psychological and medical training between 4-8 years. This means they fully understand how the body functions when experiencing stress that may lead to mental health illness and other medical complications. Psychiatrists use a wide array of treatments to treat patients, such as different kinds of psychotherapy, medication, and hypnotization techniques.  Median Annual Salary:   $55,060  Education and Training Requirements: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with a preference for a Master’s Degree

Because new career field opportunities emerge and diminish quite fast, it’s important to pick a career that’ll be in high demand in the future. Thus, it’s crucial you sharpen your skills over time so that you can be the right candidate for the job you’re seeking. Some have much higher annual median salary than others due to the difference in experience level, the economy of a country, and occupational setting. If you look for careers in Johor and in other places in Malaysia, you might readily find a lucrative career that will open more opportunities for you.


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