Most Likely Places to Find GPS Bug in Your Car

A fleet tracking system is an effective method used by companies to analyze the productivity of an entire fleet or of an individual against set criteria with the aid of GPS technology (Find out more about The Technology Behind GPS Trackers).

Fleet tracking systems actively or passively gather information in a database format. Using compatible software, this information is then shown in a readable report format that produces detailed records of vehicle and fuel usage and routes traveled for payroll verification and for accountability of operation expenses.

A car GPS tracker is a gadget used to monitor someone’s whereabouts for personal, civic or business purposes. It is cleverly hidden in the driver’s car and tracks daily activity as they travel. Many see a GPS car tracker as an invasion of privacy. If a car owner has strong suspicions that a third party is tracking their whereabouts with a GPS system, they should try looking look for it in obvious and unexpected places.

Search The Trunk and Underside of Your Vehicle 
Many older GPS tracking devices are large but some are as small as a pager and can be easily attached underneath the car or in the trunk magnetically or with tape for GPS signals to be received. Both devices tend to be noticeable and can be detached without any problems.

Search the Cigarette Adapter 
A GPS tracker could be integrated with the cigarette plug-in adapter. In this instance, a professional may be needed to find its whereabouts.

Other Areas Where A Tracking Device May Be Hidden 
If a GPS tracker uses radio waves, it can sometimes be found by scanning the floorboards, the edge of the engine compartment and above and below each seat using an signal detector /RF scanner. In order for the RF scanner to function properly, electronic devices should be turned off. Disconnect the battery and cellphone before scanning to avoid interference.

More expensive, smaller GPS tracking devices could be hidden in various places within a car’s battery. Although it is more expensive, a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) device may need to be purchased to locate these type of tracking systems. As an extra tip, the electronic light on a GPS tracker indicates that it is functional, so it is possible to see it in the dark, depending on the type of tracker that has been used and where it has been placed. If clients need assistance using fleet tracking systems or finding a GPS car tracker offers a range of convenient GPS tracking services.


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