Qualities of a Good Taxi Driver

Many world travelers have been in the unfortunate position of being stuck in a taxi or maxi cab with a bad driver. Being unfamiliar with one’s surroundings can make a person feel extremely vulnerable, and having a taxi driver who is trustworthy and experienced can make a great first impression in stressful travel situations such as airport transfers. Travelers should be on the lookout for a few basic qualities of a good taxi driver when dealing with maxicab drivers in Singapore or other popular destinations.


Good Communication Skills

The singular most valuable trait in a taxi driver is effective communication. This includes not only the ability to speak to a client, but also to listen. Since driving a taxi doesn’t require any remarkable skills, many people enter into this field without realizing how deeply communication skills can impact their success. Drivers who know that travelers are tired and want to be treated with courtesy and concern are the ones who stand out and who will earn repeat business from their clients. Listening attentively to where a client needs to go and acknowledging verbal requests in a friendly way are a great comfort to jet-lagged, weary tourists and business people.



Knowing the Lay of the Land

More experienced drivers will know the fastest, most economical ways to get from one place to another. No one wants to feel like they are being cheated in a taxi, so drivers should be familiar with their surroundings and help clients reach their destination efficiently. Good maxicab drivers can navigate congested, busy streets with ease and confidence, delivering their passengers to their airports and hotels with no hassle. An ideal driver will also know how to facilitate smooth transitions between any airports and hotels, making the passenger’s overall experience effortless and worry-free.



Experience and Honesty

An honest taxi driver will take clients from place to place using the most direct routes possible. Many passengers might worry that their driver is taking a meandering journey to their destination simply to drive up the total price of the trip. The best way to avoid this is by confirming in advance how much the ride will cost. This is easiest to do with airport transfers, as many maxi cab companies offer maxi cab flat rate packages for clients who use their services after landing or before departure.

All taxi drivers should be experienced in the traffic regulations of their cities and abide by them. The more experienced a driver is, the more comfortable they will be with things like fluctuating speed limits and extreme traffic congestion. An experienced driver will remain calm in all traffic situations, giving the passenger confidence in his or her capabilities and allowing them to relax.

Taxi and maxi cab drivers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but good communication, knowledge and honesty are the common thread between them. Taxi drivers are almost like ambassadors of their countries, and a great driver will leave a lasting impression on everyone who gets into their vehicle.


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