Reducing High Turnovers: How to Encourage Employees to Stay?



High turnover rate and lack of engagement among employees can negatively affect a company’s overall performance. The company might suffer on excessive expenses on hiring and training new staff, a drastic drop on the productivity level, and the further deterioration of the quality of services being offered. Therefore, to prevent a serious company breakdown due to the increasing number of employees who leave, it is essential to use the rightstrategies for employee engagement, and apply the below tips to further strengthen their loyalty:


  1. Maintain the Excitement.

    One of the reasons why people continue what they are doing is because they do not run out of ideas on what to do next. The workload should be unending yet diverse. The excitement that they felt during their first few days on the job is maintained all throughout. Keep them excited by initiating or organizing new activities like a team-building or a vacation getaway. It would help in creating stronger bonds among your staff.


  1. Acknowledge the Big and Small Accomplishments.

    Allow the employees to share something remarkable for the company. As they make their milestones, acknowledge what they did and let it be known in the team. It will enhance their self-confidence as well as their productivity levels.


  1. Knowing the Company Well is a Requirement.

    Mission, vision, and values should be known by each member of the team. These things will serve as a driving force to lead them towards the growth or success of the company. Keep them posted and make sure that they all have a copy of these things. Employees will be directed and motivated towards the company’s goal.


  1. Nurture an Open Environment.

    A regular and open communication with the team is essential to maintain the smooth flow of work. Communicating feedback, acknowledging a job well done, and informing an accurate job detail is the key to increasing the employees’ productivity. It helps in improving weaknesses and focusing on strengths, thereby favoring towards the company’s growth.your-effectiveness-as-a-leader


  1. Go Down the Trenches.

    Your employees are not just the only one who should be engaged, but also you as a leader! Work with them side-by-side from time to time. You will be able to know the actual happenings in the lower organizational level. You can learn about their sentiments, bright ideas, and concerns by staying involved. Your employees will more likely become loyal to a manager who knows how to relate to them.


There are many reasons contributing to high turnover rate, and each of them should be addressed accordingly. The aforementioned strategies will help you in managing your employees well. With better engagement, your team will be more dedicated and loyal to stay with the company through thick and thin.


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