Robot Vacuum Consumer Reports

Technology has made some amazing advances over the last several years. One area that has frequently failed to make major advancements is housekeeping. You likely clean your home in a similar fashion to the way your grandparents cleaned their home. Brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, etc., haven’t changed significantly in many years.

One item that has evolved is the vacuum cleaner. Commonly referred to as ‘robovacs’, these vacuum cleaners manage to propel themselves around your home and vacuum your floors. They contain sensors to prevent themselves from taking a tumble down the stairs and can easily steer around furniture. Nearly anyone could make good use of a robotic vacuum cleaner!

iRobot, Do You? Robot Dance

I Robot isn’t just the name of a great movie, it’s also the name of the company that makes robots for home use (as well as other applications). I Robot makes the popular Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. This is the original robot vacuum and has sold 6 million units.

LG, makers of popular electronics, also produce a robotic vacuum called the ‘Roboking’. The Roboking has been around 2001 and is extremely quiet; it’s the most quiet unit on the market. It also has a unique system for navigation. It utilizes ultrasound and infrared light instead of the conventional bumpers and light sensors.


Neato Robotics makes the Neato series robotic vacuum cleaner. The first unit was produced in 2010. Unlike many other units, this vacuum does not travel in a random pattern but rather cleans slightly overlapping straight lines. This is one of the most advanced units on the market.


A robotic vacuum cleaner might be just what you need to add to your cleaning arsenal. Nearly all the units charge themselves when they run out of juice. Many will even remember the last place they stopped cleaning and pick up at the same spot. Consider a robovac for your home and spend your free time relaxing instead of vacuuming. Also read Consider Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Before Buying


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