Server Colocation

If you need a hosting solution, colocation is the solution. Adding colocation will give your company the features of an IT department without the enormous expense of acquiring the equipment. Many larger corporations have the options of acquiring web servers, but smaller businesses do not because of the huge investment. Colocation will allow companies to offer the same amount of functionality for a fraction of the cost.




Benefits of Colocation

If you want to buy a server and share bandwidth, colocation hosting centers are recommended. You can also rent a server from a colocation server if you don’t have the money to invest in the equipment. In most instances, the company can provide power, bandwidth, and IP to the server. When your server is running, you won’t recognize the difference. Why not  be part of Gigabit colocation server hosting?

In fact, it will be better for disaster recovery to host the servers offsite. If the server goes down, the hosting company will have the resources to bring the servers back up and help you restore operations. Redundancy helps companies remain competitive. With better protection against outages, companies in places with frequent windstorms, ice-storms, and other natural disasters will have better protection. Colocation providers will pay for any power generators and backup power.

Other advantages of colocation include the savings on bandwidth and faster bandwidth speeds. Companies who need dedicated network access will have to invest more. Companies who select colocation will save significantly if they need dedicated network access.

Colocation facilities can upgrade servers faster than companies can with IT professionals typically because the providers focus on their service every day. They’ve become experts at what they do.

Most colocation facilities will monitor the server software, but companies can also monitor the progress from a remote application. Some companies will also upload the server software they want to use instead of allowing the colocation facilities to upload standard software that they provide.

Moving is easier with colocation hosting facilities. Companies will have virtually no down time because the servers will be unaffected by the situation. This means that you will not need your IT professional as much during the move if you host the servers remotely.


Minor Disadvantage of Colocation Servers

Colocation servers offices should be accessible. This will make it easier to maintain them when needed. Most companies in larger cities will have no problem, but it becomes more challenging when companies are located in smaller cities.

Colocation is also slightly more expensive than basic web hosting. This will help you manage and maintain the servers yourself. Upgrades can be more expensive than with basic web hosting, and you may have to do it yourself. Maintenance contracts are available if you move out of the area or if you simply do not want to do it. You should also be aware the a colocation bill can go up incredibly with many of the colocation plans.


Decide if Colocation is for Your Company

Colocation is only recommended for companies with a lot of traffic. People with small blogs may not need to invest in colocation services. Colocation is a good option for many businesses that need a more robust system but still needs to save money. Research the options in your area and invest if it will improve your company.


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