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Relocating to Singapore: A Guide for Foreigners

Singapore is a popular destination for expatriates who wish to live abroad but work for a company back home. It is home to thousands of foreigners from all over the world, and has the largest number of millionaires per square mile...

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Singapore Ranked Best Country to Run a Business In

At the end of the fourth quarter in 2010, Singapore was voted as ‘Best Country in Which to Run a Business’ which comes as no big surprise to the key players in the industry, particularly because the country has always been topping the Doing Business report’s rankings for the past five years. According to the 2011 annual report produced by World Bank, Singapore is indeed the reigning country best to conduct business in. Hence, it’s no wonder that company incorporation specialists like BizCorp are receiving a deluge of enquiries from both outside and within Singapore.

Out o...

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