Thai Food and Culture

Thai food, and the culture of the Thai people is just fascinating. Did you know there is an art in the preparation of Thai cuisine? An entree is prepared with an artistic flare. Much like the artist who splashes paint onto a canvas, the chef garnishes his entree’…

Creating a Thai dish can be a work of art. Thai cuisines offer main dishes accompanied with a bowl of rice and garnished with decorative piece of vegetable or fruit. Usually the garnishing will be in the shape of a flower or another artistically carved piece.

Dining in a Thai cuisine is a bit different from the way we dine such as what takes place when one has finished their meal. Clean up time! Wasting food! Leaving food on your plate so that it gets wasted is not acceptable, especially leaving over rice.

Rice, the main food that accompanies all main dishes is an important part of the Thai diet. Interestingly, rice is not just a food product or a product of the Thai diet but, as part of the culture too. It considered a sin if one should leave rice over after the end of a meal. Everyone must have enough to eat and wasting it would make the “Rice God” furious. Thai people say the “Rice God” watches to see that nobody ever goes hungry.

Have you ever noticed when you eat Thai food, there is always a fork and a spoon by your plate. This is so that it is easy to put the food onto the spoon. The spoon also replaces the knife and therefore is used like one.

There are things to consider when eating Thai food in regards to the culture of the Thai people.

When dining at Thai restaurants in Singapore, you must remember that everyone orders one entree’, usually a different one than the rest of the people at your table. Thai people don’t order appetizers, main course and dessert. Everyone orders something different, it’s placed on the table so that everyone can try a little of everything and all foods are presented at once.
Eating alone is not accepted so easily. It is actually considered bad luck to eat alone.

So, do you want to tickle your taste buds and tease your palette. Eat some Thai food! If you eat Thai food, most likely the food will incorporate flavors that are salty, spicy, sweet and sour. If you’re looking for good Singapore restaurants that serve Thai food, you should check out Online Restaurant Reservation. You can make an instant reservation at almost every restaurant there is in Singapore.


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