The Basic of SAT Tests

One of the major concerns facing students interested in attending college is taking and scoring well on SAT tests. Knowing what’s on the test and how to prepare can make a big difference in how they do. Read this informative guide and learn some important facts about SAT tests.


What are SAT Tests?

SAT, also known as Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a test required by most colleges and universities for a student to be admitted into college. The test generally takes about 3 hours. As of 2014, students can choose whether they want to complete an essay and, if they do, they are allowed an additional 50 minutes to complete this. Although the design of the SAT test has been changed many times since its inception in 1926, the main purpose has remained the same: to determine a student’s readiness for college.


What Does the SAT Test Consist Of?

The SAT test consists of three main parts: reading, math and critical reading, with each part offering a possible score of 200 to 800 points. With the exception of the essay and some of the math problems, most of the test is multiple-choice questions. Many of the questions start off easy and get harder towards the end of the test. The SAT also has an additional 25-minute section that’s in one of the three subject areas and this section is not scored. Students who excel in specific subjects can also take a one-hour subject test to demonstrate their knowledge in that subject.




When Are SAT Tests Taken?

The SAT test is offered seven times a year with most tests taken on the first Saturday of the month. High school students usually take the SAT test in their junior year and again in their senior year. Students interested in taking the test are recommended to register for the test at least three weeks before the day they wish to take it. Individuals interested in taking SAT tests can get find out more about the requirements by checking out the SAT website.


How Students Can Prepare for SAT Tests

Although there are different opinions on how much a student can prepare for the SAT test, the consensus is that students can prepare mentally and physically for the test. Many schools and organizations offer prep courses, online webinars and even tutoring sessions to help familiarize the students with what they can expect on the test and also to possibly enhance their scores.



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