THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HIDDEN TOOTH : What you need to know about wisdom tooth surgery

Do you know of any significance with the number thirty-two? In dental care, thirty-two is an all-important number. That is the number of teeth most adults have. For a dentist, there is strength in numbers especially when you have a complete set of teeth.

With every tooth in place, you can eat and drink properly. You won’t have speech problems besides flashing the most beautiful smile. However, the figure may be reduced to the ideal number if you do not count the four wisdom teeth.

In Singapore, local dentistry has a respectable reputation. There is an abundance of dental clinics where you can seek dental care advice. But first, here is some relevant info if you have problems with wisdom teeth.

What is a wisdom tooth?

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Your teeth line-up is composed of the following:

a) eight incisors;

b) four canines;

c) eight premolars, and

d) twelve molar, counting four wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that appears. The late bloomers come during your late teen years or early twenties. Your dentist will warn you about the potential problems of wisdom teeth.

How do you identify wisdom teeth?

Image result for wisdom toothThe typical jaw can house thirty-two, but if you have a smaller jaw, it has a space for twenty-eight teeth only. You can just imagine the situation if one or more wisdom tooth sprouts after that.

A dentist would be in authority to show you the location. An x-ray will help evaluate if you have a wisdom tooth. When it springs out, it’s usually out of alignment, growing either horizontally or slanting inward or outward. If such is the case, an oral surgeon may be needed to assess it further.

Dentists recommend extraction of wisdom teeth in your younger years. It’s best to remove the tooth when the budding roots are just developing, and the bone is softer. Early extraction is a preventive measure against future complications.

What are the problems with wisdom tooth?

You are lucky if your wisdom tooth grows smoothly. There will be some discomfort until the tooth firmly settles and not out of place. Others are not as fortunate because a wisdom tooth can be impacted. In such instance, expect some problems.

An impacted tooth is a molar that arises from your gums but does not completely come out. The incompletely exposed tooth remains jammed in the gum tissue or bone. But because there is not enough space, a full breakthrough is impossible. Therefore, leaning or total displacement is the subsequent result.

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The trapped molar will manifest symptoms related to an impacted tooth:

  1. Bacteria growth can cause infections, tooth decay, and gum disease.
  2. Throbbing pain, swelling gums, jaw ache, and protracted headache.
  3. Occasional difficulty in opening the mouth or eating due to a tender jawbone.
  4. Bad breath because cleaning or tooth brushing becomes cumbersome as the area is extra-sensitive. Even a slight touch can be very painful.

How is wisdom tooth surgery performed?

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A quality wisdom tooth surgery in Singapore is performed by a certified dentist or an oral surgeon. The degree of difficulty will depend on the extent of the complication. A fully exposed wisdom tooth can be extracted like any other tooth.

However, a wisdom tooth that is beneath the gums and implanted in the jawbone will necessitate an incision into the gums before the primary procedure. The tooth will not be extracted in one piece. The surgeon will scrape a few quantity of bones to expose the submerged tooth then slice it into sections and remove piece by piece until everything is extracted. As a patient, you will be numbed with local anesthesia or sedated depending on your pain tolerance. Several stitches will be done to close the gaping wound.

Recovering from a wisdom tooth surgery takes about a week with some prescribed antibiotics or medication to hasten the healing process. The timely removal of wisdom teeth is an essential part of dental care. Any dentist will always act to save a tooth except wisdom teeth that cause intolerable pain and distress. In conclusion, twenty-eight is the ideal number for dentists, not thirty-two as originally stated.



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