What are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do You Need to Take Them Out

Related imageThe removal of wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, is among the most common procedures carried out in Singapore. Wisdom teeth are the 3rd, and final set of molars people grow in their late teens or early twenties. Sometimes they can be a valuable piece for the mouth when healthy and properly aligned, although many times they may appear misaligned – hence need removal. This poor alignment of wisdom teeth is the primary cause for their removal because they can crowd and easily damage other surrounding teeth. The jawbone and nerves are also at risk as well.

Below are three other top reasons people should take out their wisdom teeth.

Image result for Stop tooth decay.

1. Stop tooth decay. Dental caries usually occurs when plaque starts to break apart your tooth’s surface. As this degeneration progresses further, it leaves cavities in the tooth and starts spreading to the adjacent teeth.
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2. Prevent gum disease. Also called periodontal or gingivitis disease, this occurs when plaque unleashes toxins that irritate the gums, making them appear swollen, red and painful. When the wisdom teeth are not removed, the gum disease can spread further to the surrounding teeth along with its bone.
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3. Clear abscess. This occurs where the wisdom teeth or the surrounding tissue is filled with puss due to a bacteria infection. The removal of wisdom teeth can solve this problem, allowing you to enjoy optimal health for all your teeth. Other gum and teeth problems the removal of wisdom teeth can assist in resolving the spread of cellulitis, pericoronitis, cysts and benign growths.

Many times, wisdom teeth usually grow at the back or behind your gums and are the last part of teeth to emerge. Many people have four wisdom teeth, one in every corner. Due to the lack of sufficient space, these teeth emerge at an angle or may get stuck and so partially grow. Wisdom teeth that grow this way are usually called Impacted.

Schedule a professional wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore if you’re experiencing unpleasant pain or discomfort from the latter. Your oral surgeon will check your teeth and give you honest feedback on whether you should have the teeth removed. All the same, above are some top reasons you may need to remove or take out your wisdom teeth.


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