What to Do With Your Old Glasses After Lasik Surgery

One of the most common questions asked by patients following a Lasik surgery is, “What should I do with my old glasses?” While patents may eventually need mild reading glasses later in life after a Lasik surgery, they should have no need for the glasses they currently own. This article will discuss, briefly, some of the most popular options for disposing of these old glasses.

The most common method of disposing of unneeded glasses is to donate them to charity. In 2006, the World Health Organization announced that there were more than 150 million people worldwide, including at least 13 million children, suffering from uncorrected refractive vision problems. Most of them can be helped with second-hand eyewear. Many charities and organizations exist to provide glasses to those in need. Many Lasik patients are able to give their glasses directly to the Lasik surgery clinic that performed their procedure. These clinics often maintain dropboxes for unneeded glasses, which they then donate to charity.

If the Lasik surgery clinic does not provide this service itself, it is still easy for patients to find charities to donate their glasses to. The WHO has paired with the Lions Club to provide glasses to people worldwide. Other popular charities include OneSight, New Eyes for the Needy, and Unite for Sight. For those who wish to help people closer to home, most local hospitals and nursing homes will happily take donations of unneeded eyewear to help their own patients.

Some people, especially those with vintage frames, give their old glasses as gifts to friends and family. Even if the prescription is wrong, the lenses can be removed and replaced with correct ones. Pairs of reading glasses are often handed down within families, generation to generation.

Other Lasik patients have reported more creative uses for their old glasses. They can be used as part of costuming, such as for Halloween. When doing this, especially if the costume is for a child, the lenses should be removed to prevent difficulty for the wearer. They can also be added to children’s toys, such as teddy bears, to give them a distinctive personality. Other people have had success turning their glasses into jewelry and works of art, such as removing the lenses and painting them, or gluing pieces of fabric to them to create a broach.

While Lasik side effects requiring further use of glasses are occasionally reported, on the whole most patients simply have no need of their old glasses. As this article has outlined, they should look for ways to reuse them to please themselves, or to help bring improved vision to someone else.


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