Why The HR Department is Responsible for Bad Apples in Your Company


The HR or Human Resources department is a very important part of any company. Before you even hire your employees, they will be the first team you have to complete. The first major responsibility of the HR department is to recruit employees for your company. They are the ones who will screen and interview the applicants for specific positions in your company.

A great HR team will definitely do great for your company. But what does it mean if you are consistently hiring bad employees? Do you think that your HR department should be blamed?

Here are some examples of HR shortcomings:banking

1. Dishonest

An HR department with dishonest HR employees is definitely not good for your company. The HR can lie about a certain applicant and accept them even if it is clear that they do not qualify for the position. The reason why some HR employees do this is because they want to fill up the position immediately. Some HR departments think that their only obligation is to supply the company with a fresh pool of talent. Thus, some become dishonest about an applicant’s qualifications.incompetent

2. Incompetent

It is the job of the HR department to be critical in choosing future employees and maintain good relationship with the existing employees. A competent HR department will find ways to keep the employees passionate and committed to their jobs. Employee engagement by HR is crucial to keep the employees happy and satisfied with the work that they do. Usually bad employees are a result of unsatisfactory work lifestyle.fair

3. Unfair

There are some HR departments that are unfair when dealing with employees. Sometimes, if an employee encounters a conflict with another employee, the HR will take sides. It is not good practice because the HR department should be fair in treating all employees. The disciplinary action protocol should be followed regardless whether or not they are friends with the concerned employee.

In the end, there are reasons why your HR department should be held responsible for a bad crop of employees. A competent, honest, and fair HR department will definitely find ways to keep your employees satisfied with your company.


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