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Procedure for Registering A Company In Singapore
There are 2 distinct steps in the company registration procedure in Singapore:

1) Company Name Approval
Company name approval is obtained by applying electronically with
ACRA, Singapore's registrar of companies. We will do this as a first step and the approval status, i.e. whether the name is approved or rejected by ACRA, will usually be known within an hour. The approved company name will be reserved for 60 days from the date of application.

2) Company Incorporation
After the company name is approved, we will proceed with the second step, i.e. company registration. The entire process of filing an incorporation request and approval from ACRA can be completed within the same day (usually a few hours), assuming the incorporation documents have been duly completed and signed by the directors and shareholders.

Some Notes About Delays
a) to avoid delays in company name approval, your choice of name should not be identical or similar to an existing company name, contain words deemed obscene or infringes on any trademarks. Also, try to avoid words like law, finance or bank.

b) there may be delays in the incorporation process if a shareholder or director is of a certain nationality, in which case, ACRA may request additional information prior to approval. Under such circumstances, the registration can be delayed for up to 2 weeks.

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