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What to Do After Succesful Company Registration?

1) Documents Issued by ACRA
Once your company registration is approved, ACRA will issue you with a softcopy of a Certificate of Incorporation and a Company Particulars Extract, both of which are sufficient for most legal and contractual purposes.

a) Certificate of Incorporation
You will receive an official email confirming the incorporation of your company. This email will contain the company registration number and is considered the official certificate, since a hardcopy is not required in Singapore and also, no longer issued by default. However if you still want a hard copy, you can request online and collect at ACRA's office the following day - a fee of approximately S$50 will be charged for the hard copy.

b) Company Particulars Extract
You can request for this document online by paying an application fee - usually downloadable in PDF form within an hour. It contains the business particulars of your company, e.g. company name and registration number, incorporation date, paid-up capital, registered address, director and shareholder information, etc.

2) Miscellaneous Items
Other common items that are usually required post-registration are share certificates for the shareholders, company seal and rubber stamp.

3) Other To-Dos
Some of the other things that you must or may have to do include:

- appoint a
company secretary.
- opening a corporate bank account (requires physical presence).
- business license application (depends on the nature of your business).
- GST registration (only for companies with annual turnover exceeding S$1 million).

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